Los Angeles, CA
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Martha Chaput - Regional Director

Sports have always been a way of life for Martha Chaput.  Growing up in a very athletic family, she played multiple sports growing up.  In her sophomore year of high-school she began focusing on basketball because it was her favorite.  In her junior year, she accepted a Division 1 full-ride scholarship to Drake University.  While at Drake, she was part of the teams that won 2 Missouri Valley Conference Championships, 4 NCAA Tournament division berths, and one incredible journey to the Sweet 16.   

She graduated from Drake University with degrees in Television Production and English.  After graduating, Martha played professionally in Leiman, Germany.  After Germany, Martha moved to Los Angeles with her husband.  She continues to play in basketball leagues around the city several nights a week.  She also volunteers as a coach for 12-year old girls.  She has a passion for helping kids see the value of all sports, especially young girls.  She feels that sports provide invaluable experiences that last a lifetime, and she wants to pass on those values to the next generation.